Our Refrigeration Services

Here at Altitude Air Solutions, we are well known for our air conditioning services in the Blue Mountains.

However, we are also refrigeration experts and offer a range of professional refrigeration services to businesses ranging from restaurants to supermarkets.

So, next time you need a refrigeration system installed or repaired, contact your local Blue Mountains refrigeration specialist – Altitude Air Solutions!

Why Refrigeration is Important

It’s not something we tend to think about very often, but refrigeration is one of the most important inventions of all time.

Just think how much harder daily life would be without refrigeration.

That cool appliance in our kitchens allows us to have fresh food and a variable diet all year round.

We don’t have to pay a fortune for our food because it can be transported in refrigerated vehicles, and we can be confident that our food doesn’t contain dangerous levels of bacteria.

In addition to food, refrigeration is also vitally important when it comes to storing certain medications. These medications must be stored at the correct temperature otherwise they lose their effectiveness.

There are numerous other reasons why refrigeration is important to our daily lives,  but we’ll discuss them in a future blog post.

Blue Mountains Refrigeration Specialists

Altitude Air Solutions is experienced in all types of residential and commercial refrigeration.

This includes most well-known brands.

We can help with sales, repairs and maintenance, whether it’s reactive or part of a scheduled maintenance program.

Importantly, we also offer an after-hours emergency refrigeration service. If your refrigeration unit has broken down, you can call us straight away, whatever the hour.

We understand how important it is to get your system back up and running ASAP, so we get to you FAST.

Based in the Blue Mountains, we cover all surrounding areas including Penrith, Parramatta and Lithgow. If you need a refrigeration specialist, get in touch with Altitude Air Solutions today. 

Blue Mountains Air Conditioning

Altitude Air Solutions is a family-owned and run business, servicing the Blue Mountains for over 15 years.

We specialise in all types of air conditioning delivery including split systemsreverse cycle and ducted, and commercial refrigeration.

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