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You could face a lot of issues with your air conditioning. Firstly, your air conditioner might not be blowing cold air due to a dirty air filter blocking your unit’s airflow. Your air conditioner may also freeze up due to insufficient airflow, low coolant levels, or a stuck contractor.

Other than that, you may be facing an air conditioner leak, which happens in the case of low efficiency, damaged compressors, uneven cooling, or high power consumption. If you hear your AC making noises, there may be a blower or motor assembly problem.

Other air conditioning issues include frozen evaporator coils, electric control failure, drainage problems, and sensor problems. Regardless of whether you’re facing these issues, regular air conditioning maintenance is necessary.

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Our Air conditioner services can include:

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Checking all modes of operation are working

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Checking water condensation draining and testing for blockages

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Cleaning all internal and external units as needed

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Cleaning or replacing filters

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Checking electrical wiring for faults

We help with a range of air conditioning services


We provide Air Conditioning Installation for your home or business.


If you are experiencing issues, we can help with any Air Conditioning Repairs.


Keep your system performing optimally with our Air Conditioning Maintenance.

Get the Most Efficient and Quick Air Conditioning Maintenance in the Blue Mountains

You should opt for air conditioning maintenance at least once a year. It can contribute to extending your AC’s operational life and ensures better air quality for all users in your home or workplace.

If you’re looking for efficient and quick air conditioning maintenance in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Altitude Air Solutions will be your go-to.

We’ve got a team of experienced professionals specialising in fixing all the issues mentioned above. We don’t let the size of a task restrict us; we’re ready to offer air conditioning maintenance for commercial and residential air conditioners.

We can deal with any type of air conditioner with split systems, multi-split systems, or ducted air conditioning. Just call us at 02 4753 1012, and we’ll send our technicians over to fix the problem for you!

The best part is that air conditioning maintenance isn’t our only expertise. We also deal with air conditioning repairs and installation. So if you’re looking for speedy and efficient air conditioning maintenance in the Blue Mountains, contact us today to get a free quote.

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How to keep your air conditioner working well all year ’round


Buy a quality unit, with reliable parts


Install a unit that’s appropriate for the size and layout of your space


Book a service every 12 months to maintain parts and filters


If you’re a business, put an air conditionng maintenance contract in place


Ensure your air conditioning system is installed by a reputable company


Check and clean your filters regularly


Ensure any outside units are free of dust, dirt, leaves. and other debris

Getting the right Air Conditioning is easy

Consult an expert

We specialise in all makes and models of split systems and ducted air conditioners, so you’ll get the right system for your home or business.

Get a customised quote

We’ll assess your home or business and provide a range of affordable solutions to solve your heating and cooling problems.

Relax in comfort

No matter the weather outside, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the indoors all year round.



If your air conditioning or refrigeration breaks down it can be a real emergency.

If you need after-hours help, call us on 0477 700 044 and we’ll come to your rescue!