5 Health Benefits of Air Conditioning You May Not Know

Are there health benefits of air conditioning that people overlook? Everyone knows that air conditioning improves in-home comfort during the summer. However, it can also provide several health benefits.

Optimised air conditioning can undoubtedly improve the health and wellbeing at home and in the office, reducing the risk of health issues.

Below, the Altitude Air Solutions team explains our thoughts on the benefits in more detail if you are thinking about whether to install a new cooling system or upgrade your current one.

1. Cleaner Air Can Reduce Allergies

Having an air conditioner can help reduce allergies. The most common allergens include the following:

  • Dust mites and dirt
  • Pollen
  • Mould
  • Pet dander and hair

One of the best health benefits that come with air conditioning is it removes more allergens from your property’s indoor air to reduce your risk of allergic reactions.

Air conditioners frequently cycle fresh air into your home or business, and the filters capture particle matter so that you don’t breathe it in.

A typical air conditioner filter can trap and remove most particles down to five microns in diametre. We go through what microbial contamination in air conditioners is in more depth.

2. Cooler (and Warmer) Temperatures Promote Better Sleep

Everyone should aim for eight hours of sleep per night, but poor air quality causes hours of tossing and turning. Unfortunately, bad sleep quality is linked to several other health problems, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Investing in an air conditioner with a HEPA filter can remove all irritants and particles from the air, helping you enjoy the restful sleep you need. There are ideal temperatures for winter in Australia you should know about.

There are various residential air conditioners with split systems and multi split systems being the most common. For centralised air conditioning and control, ducted systems are the best.

3. Powerful Filters Can Prevent The Spread of Sickness

Anyone who has worked in an office knows that one person getting sick sets off a chain of similar infections.

A high-quality air conditioner can reduce the risks of spreading respiratory diseases by filtering out bacteria and viruses.

Specifically, an air conditioner can filter bacteria and viruses that cause common ailments, such as colds, flu, and stomach bugs. You would also want to address any issues for leaking air conditioners, as it can pose long term effects and problems.

4. Consistent Indoor Temperatures Combat Heat Strokes

Heatstroke and heat-related illness remain a major concern during the Australian summer when temperatures can soar up to over 40 degrees Celsius.

The elderly and young are most at risk, and in the worst case, heat-related illness can be fatal.

A lack of reliable air conditioning is a significant factor in heat-related illnesses. Just a few hours of air conditioning exposure could drastically reduce the risk of heatstroke and other complications.

5. Better Air Quality Does It All

Did you know that air conditioning could provide a significant improvement in your workplace or home’s indoor air quality?

  • In the short term, better air quality makes your building’s interior more comfortable and improves sleep quality.
  • In the long term, improved air quality can reduce the risks of lung and heart disease.

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