Licensed Trades: Why ARMA Matters

ARMA – Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association – is a non-profit organization representing Australia’s Refrigeration & Air Conditioning tradespeople.

They aim to educate consumers about the importance of only using licensed tradespeople and work to ensure safe training outcomes for the RAC industry.

Recently ARMA launched a petition arguing against a proposed training package for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

At Altitude Air Solutions, we too firmly believe licensing in the industry is crucial, for the safety of all Australians and to ensure their consumer rights are protected.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Training Matters

Earlier this year, ARMA launched their ‘SAY NO To The Unsafe Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Training Packages Draft!’.

The changes proposed would mean the introduction of non-trade air conditioning qualifications and those wishing to be qualified as a refrigeration and air conditioning tradesperson would need to complete a certificate IV.

The main reason for objecting to the changes is the increasing amount of poor quality refrigeration and air conditioning work being conducted.

This includes partially skilled electricians and plumbers carrying out unlicensed installations, repairs and servicing.

Always Ask to See A Full RAC Licence

We get calls from customers almost every week who have air conditioners that aren’t working properly due to incorrect installation.

These units are not only unsafe but result in higher running and repair costs.

Worse still, any warranty is likely to be void due to incorrect/unlicensed installation.

At Altitude Air Solutions, our team of professionals are fully licenced and qualified to perform all air conditioning and refrigeration work.

Proudly serving the Blue Mountains community with quality air conditioning and refrigeration services.

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